01. The Initials are "G"(Ginji) and "B"(Ban)

GetBackers Episode

01. The Initials are "G"(Ginji) and "B"(Ban)
02. Get Back the Rusted Bonds!
03. Operation: Recover the Platinum!
04. Recovery Service vs. Transport Service
05. Death Match at Sunrise: The Lightning Emperor ...
06. Get Back God's Melody!
07. Beast Master's Transformation 08. Resound, Sound Life 09. Get Back the Illusive Sunflower! (Part 1) 10. Get Back the Illusive Sunflower! (Part 2) 11. Infiltration, Infinite Castle • IL Retrieval M... 12. Unknown Boy, Makubex 13. Explosion! Fuuchouin String Style 14. The New Four Kings 15. The Rouran Dancing Whip that Dances in the Dar... 16. Explosion! The Thunder Emperor's Rage 17. Gathering, Retrieval Team! 18. Collision! Shido vs. Emishi 19. Friend… Kazuki vs. Juubei 20. The Man From Babylon City 21. Sword of Revenge • Ban vs. Fudou 22. Awakening! Thunder Emperor Descends 23. Attack! Virtual Army 24. Final Battle! Ginji vs. Makubex 25. Get Back the Infinite Future! 26. Hot Spring Trip to Retrieve Steam!? 27. High School Girl vs. Retrievers 28. The Man Who Lost His Past 29. Get Back the Arms of the Goddess! 30. Enigmatic Assassins • Miroku Brothers 31. Hera and Kite 32. Mission Start! Ginji vs. Miroku 33. Get Back the Immortal Goddess! 34. GetBackers Break Up!? The Enemy is Ban Mido 35. Get Back the Flame of Life! 36. Children of Fate 37. Do Your Best, Natsumi! 38. Recital Just for You 39. Ginji's Hospitalized? To the Hospital! The Who... 40. The Monkey's Counterattack! 41. Farewell, My Beloved 42. Atonement for Betrayal 43. The Man Returns Home... Infinite Castle, Once ... 44. The Last of the Four Kings 45. The Demon of Revenge, Fudou, Dies 46. Brain Trust 47. Bust Into Beltline! Ginji vs. Masaki 48. Fated Confrontation · Ban vs. Akabane 49. GetBackers